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April 07, 06
[ mood | tired ]

well, as with all other weeks, not much has happened.  Monday i got all kinds of crap for wearing a Mike Gansey jersey to school.  everyone was like 'ooh so you've come over from the dark side?' and i was like 'no, i just have enough class to like both schools.' so yea then we had all-county practice that day... no big.  Tuesday was totally boring, we didn't have any jazz band or anythying so i got to chill most of the day.  Wednesday i got to pick up my book on the Munich Olympics at Taylor Books.  i've already started reading it and its awesome.  yesterday i went with Nick after school.  so Phil and i waited while Nick got his hair cut and dropped something off at the Y.  then we went to Wendy's for dinner and had all-county practice at the Municle Auditorium.  practice was fun cause i talked to the guy that sits beside me, Terry, the whole time.  turns out he's a senior from Riverside and hates GW kids as much as me =)  lol so anyways, we had practice this morning at Stonewall which was okay, except for one thing.  i was sitting there talking to Terry, not even very loud, and Colin Wood (the GW kid who sits next to me) leans over and goes "shut up!" at us. i was like "well soooooryy" in the most sarcastic tone ever.  i was like 'what a jerk' it definately made me mad.  but oh well, life will go on.

so now that i have you all caught up lol, i've got a bunch to do this weekend.  mom and i are going shoe shopping for Prom tonight before the concert, then we're going to the concert.  then tomorrow i have handbell practice from 9:00 - 12:00ish... and then i have to go to work at 1:00.  wow, that's gonna be fun...  i wonder who i'm working with... oh well.  anyways, that's about it.  i'm outtt  =)

i love Nick <3

♥ love it ♥

April 01, 06
[ mood | dunno ]

well... not much has been going on lately. here's it all in a nutshell:

- won $50 in Drew's pool
- totally depressed for no reason
- really not feeling like dealing with this shit (people talking about me behind my back)
- work's going really good... i'm lovin my coworkers
- going to pick up my prom dress tomorrow
- Nick's tux is gonna look hott lol
- Amanda's gonna buy me my new book tomorrow =)

a few details on each => i totally won Drew's pool cause i was the only one with UCLA in the Final Four... so i got $50. guess what i did with the money? i bought a Mike Gansey jersey!! yay!! yea about being depressed for no reason... it's definately just one of those times for me again that i don't feel like dealing with people and their shit.  i wish people would just get the fuck out of my business and leave me alone.  if they don't like the way i manage my life and the things i say... TELL ME TO MY FACE.  NOT MY BOYFRIEND.  stop being stupid.  anyways, work at Ellen's is going great.  i totally love all the girls that work there.  i've worked with Kristen the most... and then Brittany, Emily, and Amanda are next i guess.  i dunno... but i totally love it.  yea mom and i are gonna pick up my dress tomorrow since they called and said they fixed it... i definately hope its okay =) yea and i went with Nick tux shopping yesterday.  he basicly got the same tux as last year, except the vest is silver/gray instead of red.  omg its gonna look so great!  i'm excited.  oh and Amanda's gonna buy that book i've been wanting for like ever.  it's called "A Day In September" about the Munich Olympics.  i've been in Taylor Books a couple of times to read it, so Amanda's gonna pick it up for me tomorrow after work while me and mom are in Parkersburg.

well yea that's about it, just thought i'd update since i haven't in like FOREVER lol.  aight i'm outtt *

i love Nick <3

♥ love it ♥

March 18, 06
[ mood | bored ]

well as most of you know, this week has been crazy (as far as school goes). Tuesday we had that gay assembly, Wednesday we got out of school for the game, and i got signed out on Friday to go watch the WVU game. yea it's been great lol

the game on Wednesday was crazy! we all dressed the part and painted our faces and just had a great time... even though the second half was boring cause we were up by like 30 points lol.  then Friday was crazy too. Nick and i signed out with his dad and went over to Joey's to watch the game. it was fun, even though i felt like shit after eating a piece of pizza. you see, that's what happens when i eat around Nick lol. yea but the game was crazy cool when Mike Gansey got on fire there at the end! especially when he stuffed the shit out of that one guy... man he's awesome =) well then we went to the Capital game that night, which was fun. of course, it would have been more fun if we hadn't gotten our asses kicked... but that's okay. the student section was still loud and crazy and it was just a good time =)

so yea i'm really getting into the NCAA tournament this year. i lost 8 games in the first round... but its okay cause i had all but one of them losing in the second round anyways lol. of course, i was going crazy during the UCONN game, cause i have them winning the whole thing and they almost lost to Albany! i was so relieved when they won.

oh yea, and i started my new job last Sunday. its pretty cool i guess. i had to work last Thursday and again tomorrow, which means i'll miss some of the WVU game... but it'll be okay. i'll be back for the 2nd half. 

so i'm doing nothing for the rest of the day... well until Dustin comes over and me, him, and Mason are gonna play pool for a bit. but yea that's it really. alright, i'm outtt  =)

i <3 Nick

♥ love it ♥

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